• Dischord.

Founded in 1998.



Show Details: Saturday, December 6th, 2014. Meyerson B1

1 p.m. & 7 p.m.

It's that time of the year again, and we promise, this show isn't one you're gonna want to miss. Buy tickets here or on the walk for $8, or the door for $10.
Also make sure to check out the newest songs from our album "From Delancey, with Love." at our soundcloud. Get ready to throw it back.


Meet Dischord.

An A Cappella group started at the University of Pennsylvania in 1998, Dischord has grown significantly over the past couple years, performing at pre-superbowl events like the Silver Chord Bowl in Massachusetts and boasting a feature on Buzzfeed for top 15 Indie A Cappella covers . However, we also like to think Dischord is 0.49 music and 0.51 family. We like to let our family keep majority ownership. Meet us and see why.

  • Hirsh Shah, '15
    President, Tenor

    With the self-proclaimed title "Mr. President", we like to refer to this senior as "King of Brown Town" instead. His only friend in the group is Samay, surprise surprise.

  • Erin Guiltinan, '16
    Music Director, Mezzo

    Erin doesn't have a soul, so we accepted this ging into the group as an act of community service. You’d never catch her in sweats and no makeup, but you can always catch her squealing while stalking One Direction on Tumblr.

  • Elyse Shenberger '16
    Assistant Music Director, Alto

    Elyse doesn’t want much in life – just the simple things. Give her a ton of ibuprofen and she’s one happy kid. When she’s not adding a country twang to every song she sings, she’s busy muttering Gru impersonations to herself. Her favorite hobby is getting injured.

  • Bryn Czerniecki '15
    Business Manager, Mezzo

    Bryn is a Mormon who has half-raised limp hands when she sings. She’s also really pretty, still has no idea who Emily is, and likes to have exclusive Thanksgiving parties and not invite certain people to them.

  • Samay Dhawan '16
    Graphic & Web Designer, V-percussionist

    Spending the majority of his time stressing out in Huntsman and ignoring all group emails, we discourage children from coming to our show, as his aca-bop resembles more of an aca-hump.

  • Liza Goodspeed '17
    Secretary, Soprano

    Our baby freshman may not be super in-the-know (“What’s BoltBus?” “What’s BuzzFeed?”), but her rock solid butt counts for something, right? If you’re not careful, she’ll straight up lick your face. But she can also be serious sometimes, OKAY?!

  • Daniel Yellin '15

    Our very own life-size Justin Timberlake doppleganger, this Georgia boy is an expert photo-bomber and isn’t shy to point out when you’re flat or sharp.

  • Philip Trencher, '15

    When Philip’s not wearing pants with bleach stains on them, you can usually find him gallivanting around Hillel or singing dirty versions of songs… or doing both at the same time.

  • Charlie McClelland, '15
    Baritone (on semester's leave)

    Charlie is the most wholesome member Dischord has ever seen. He also loves hanging with a bunch of men in suits on extended Glee trips, where they stay in hotels and “sing” to each other..

  • Logan Kesel, '17

    When she's not busy showing us pictures of the most disgusting things, she loves to be really, really, really..really loud. Like really loud. Good, but loud. It's impressive actually.

  • Gabriela Rodriguez, '17

    Gabi is a little Puerto Rican diva with a huge voice. She has 4 names like all hispanic people, and rumor has it her first name might actually be Sarah? She knows how to move her hips and has tried to teach other members of the group; however, her attempts have been unsuccessful.

  • Sophia Tareen, '17

    Don’t be fooled by her sweetness, she has a real soulful voice that’s unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. We think Sophia might have a midterm every single day of the week because she’s ALWAYS studying. She keeps it Chi-O classy which adds a nice balance to the group.

  • Dorothy Newman, '18

    Dorothy is definitely not in Kansas anymore since she decided to join this group of crazy people. But don’t let her silence fool you, her sarcasm is always on point. Dorothy spends just as much time at home by the Jersey Shore as she does at Penn. Welcome to the fam, Snooki!

  • Caroline Sambuco, '18

    This sassy soprano can sing opera just as well as she can sing tween pop music. Affectionately known as C.C. because, in her own words, “names are just a social construct,” Caroline has definitely been corrupted by Dischord.She spends most of her time talking about how much she loves Penn Singers and Math 104.

  • Connor Mounts, '18

    Mounts might be a little too comfortable in Dischord already, but we’ll go with it. A bath enthusiast, Mounts is always up for some quality time with his rubber ducky after a long night of partying. He lives in Hill so he usually cabs to every rehearsal (and he still manages to be late somehow- nice Mounts!).

  • Jon Potter, '18

    Dischord’s resident Danny Zuko, our little Potter has set the bar really high after showing us his killer dance moves during auditions. Self-described as “not your typical Scarsdale Jew,”He often grapples with big questions in life, such as “What frat should I join?” or “How many hours of sleep can I not get the night before my compsci midterm?” We’re here for you, Potter.


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