• Dischord.

Founded in 1998.


Meet Dischord.

An A Cappella group started at the University of Pennsylvania in 1998, Dischord has grown significantly over the past couple years, performing at pre-superbowl events like the Silver Chord Bowl in Massachusetts and boasting a feature on Buzzfeed for top 15 Indie A Cappella covers . However, we also like to think Dischord is 0.49 music and 0.51 family. We like to let our family keep majority ownership. Meet us and see why.

  • Hirsh Shah, '15
    President, Tenor

    With the self-proclaimed title "Mr. President", we like to refer to this senior as "King of Brown Town" instead. His only friend in the group is Samay, surprise surprise.

  • Erin Guiltinan, '16
    Music Director, Alto

    Erin doesn't have a soul, so we accepted this ging into the group as an act of community service. You’d never catch her in sweats and no makeup, but you can always catch her squealing while stalking One Direction on Tumblr.

  • Elyse Shenberger '16
    Assistant Music Director, Mezzo

    Elyse doesn’t want much in life – just the simple things. Give her a ton of ibuprofen and she’s one happy kid. When she’s not adding a country twang to every song she sings, she’s busy muttering Gru impersonations to herself. Her favorite hobby is getting injured.

  • Bryn Czerniecki '15
    Business Manager, Mezzo

    Bryn is a Mormon who has half-raised limp hands when she sings. She’s also really pretty, still has no idea who Emily is, and likes to have exclusive Thanksgiving parties and not invite certain people to them.

  • Samay Dhawan '16
    Graphic & Web Designer, V-percussionist

    Spending the majority of his time stressing out in Huntsman and ignoring all group emails, we discourage children from coming to our show, as his aca-bop resembles more of an aca-hump.

  • Liza Goodspeed '17
    Secretary, Soprano

    Our baby freshman may not be super in-the-know (“What’s BoltBus?” “What’s BuzzFeed?”), but her rock solid butt counts for something, right? If you’re not careful, she’ll straight up lick your face. But she can also be serious sometimes, OKAY?!

  • Daniel Yellin '15

    Our very own life-size Justin Timberlake doppleganger, this Georgia boy is an expert photo-bomber and isn’t shy to point out when you’re flat or sharp.

  • Meg MacInnes '15

    Meg looks paler than Eric wearing zombie makeup in Dischord Halloween pictures.She’s also got the luck ‘o’ the Irish and lives in an obscure town in New Hampshire full of leprechauns.

  • Derrick High '14

    Our most animated performer is the only non-Amish person in 2014 who doesn’t use technology. So don’t call him / beep him if you wanna reach him. You’d have better luck finding him in the Rodin computer lab playing video games..

  • Philip Trencher, '15

    When Philip’s not wearing pants with bleach stains on them or having dreams about Dischord love triangles, you can usually find him gallivanting around Hillel or singing dirty versions of songs… or doing both at the same time.

  • Charlie McClelland, '15

    Charlie is the most wholesome member Dischord has ever seen. He also loves hanging with a bunch of men in suits on extended Glee trips, where they stay in hotels and “sing” to each other..

  • Logan Kesel, '17

    If you know Dischord in any way, you'll know that calling Logan one of the most vulgar people of the group is a feat that she should be proud of. When she's not busy showing us pictures of the most disgusting things, she loves to be really, really, really..really loud.


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